68G – A Day in The Life

MTS worked with United States Army Medical Department Center and School (AMEDD C&S) to convert a four week classroom-based learning course into a condensed web-based training course for the 68G Patient Administration Specialist (PAS) Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). In the Army, a Patient Administration Specialist performs all administrative parameters and procedures incidental to admission and disposition of patients; initiation, maintenance, and disposition of medical records; medical statistical reporting; birth/death reports and certificates; release/security of medical information and processing related correspondence; administrative support of patient movements/transfers, disability processing, and medical care evaluations. In an effort to increase awareness and US Army recruiting into the MOS, the AMEDD C&S needed a highly engaging, but simple demonstration of what a typical day in the life of a PAS might look like.
The final product resulted in the accomplishment of two focuses:

  • Recruiting new Patient Administration Specialists into the US Army
  • Promoting the importance of the Patient Administration Specialist role

With having those two different focuses and target audiences, we created a product the client could use in several contexts.

Self-paced. Allow users to go through the training on their own time and at their own pace. The user feels as if they were right there with SGT Jensen by interacting with the screen to continue instead of just clicking next.
Client driven. If the client wanted to explain to someone what the Patient Administration Specialist does for pre-admission paperwork, for example, the client can use the Menu to go straight to the patient for that function.
Guided. Auto run movie of the training lets the user watch, without requiring any interaction. This was important to have at recruiting fairs to have the movie just running on a laptop for anyone to see and learn about as they walk by.