Contract Name: Seaport-E
Contract Number: N00178-05-D-4462
POP: 11/19/13 – 4/18/19

The Navy Virtual SYSCOM has designated SeaPort-e as the vehicle of choice for future Engineering, Financial, and Program Management contractor support services. This is a decision made to focus on implementing cost-effective and integrated business practices to better support our Navy.

Team MTS includes an adept group of large and small companies with reputations for superior customer satisfaction and service. Our Team offers expertise in several diverse areas including operations research, software development, telemedicine, damage control operational concepts, disaster management, engineering, logistics, and program and administrative support.

The MTS Team demonstrates proven experience with every SeaPort Enhanced functional area in nearly every Zone. We will respond quickly with an effective solution to any customer requirement.

Point of Contact:
Manager, Contracts
MTS Technologies, Inc.
(703) 575-2917