MTS Anatomy & Physiology Course Featured on the Army Distance Learning Program Content Showcase

The Army Distance Learning Program is currently showcasing the Anatomy & Physiology Course, a highly interactive, 3D-based course developed by MTS Technologies for the Army Medical Department (AMEDD). The A&P Course serves as an introduction to anatomy and physiology for Army medical students, intended as a prerequisite or refresher instruction for enlisted Soldiers and Officers undertaking health-care training pursuits. The course includes 40 hours of interactive instruction, and provides learners with an in-depth overview of the human body’s systems, structures, and functions. The instruction is comparable to a university entry-level anatomy and physiology course, and students who master the material should be well-prepared for more advanced study. Unlike most distance-learning offerings, students are expected to access the materials multiple times and invest substantial study time to pass the mastery posttest exam.

This course makes extensive use of 2D and 3D images and animations and includes a 3D graphic reference tool that provides students access to all images and animations. The showcase at includes video of a 3D animated heart, and access to some of the 2D and 3D images used in the course.

Self Running Demo – Anatomy and Physiology

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